Mount Bromo Tour from Probolinggo Cruise Ship 1 Day

By | Februari 23, 2023 – Vacation to Bromo National Park only for one day, this is the best Mount Bromo Tour from Probolinggo Cruise Ship that you can take with our Travel agent. This is the perfect trip to explore Mt Bromo and Probolinggo city tour, cos this package comes with reasonable price and the best service. Even though Bromo tour package cruise ship is only one day, it will cover many popular tourist destinations that you can find in Probolinggo area. Besides that, you will be accompanied by 4WD Jeep during your adventure for day trip in order to explore the amazing Bromo Volcano.

Tour to Bromo from Cruise Ship in Probolinggo

Mount Bromo Tour from Probolinggo Cruise Ship

Bromo day tour from cruise ship will begin once you arrive in Probolinggo city. You will be picked up from the harbor by private transportation. From there you will explore many tourist spots of National Park including crater and view of Bromo from the peak. Then, this trip will end with a tour in Probolinggo City, that will visit a couple of famous attractions there. It is something that you rarely find to have trip to Mount Bromo. If you want to know about the details, you can read the program below:

Rundown itinerary for Day Tour from Cruise Ship:

  • 8.00: You will be picked up by the Awan Tour team from the exit gate of the port. Your name will be brought in a paper by the driver.
  • 08.15: Then the Tour Bromo will start and it takes about 1,5 hours to arrive at the Jeep parking area in Sukapura or Cemara Lawang Village. During the travel you will witness beautiful scenery of rain forest, farmers, rural landscape and terraces of agriculture.
  • 10.00: The transportation will be changed to Jeep Hardtop once you arrive that village.
  • 10.30: Passing Bromo Crater, you will find Pura Luhur Poten, Hinduism temple which is located at sea of sands.
  • 13.00: After that, headed back to village where the transportation changes.
  • 02.00: you will arrive at Jeep Terminal and then headed back to Probolinggo City. Lunch at local restaurant. and also to visit to local market
  • 03.30: Go back to Probolinggo Port and the Bromo Day tour is finish.

Complete facilities included in the packages:

  1. Private Transportation to Bromo One day from Probolinggo
  2. English driver as guide
  3. Parking fee
  4. Mineral water
  5. 4WD Jeep for Bromo Tour
  6. Tour Guide with ability to speak English or driver (optional)
  7. Entrance fee ticket to Bromo

Exclude Package:

  1. Insurance for this travel
  2. Horse service from parking area to crater
  3. Optional tour package cost
  4. Tipping for tour team

How to Book Mount Bromo Tour from Probolinggo Cruise Ship?

This package is the best trip for you to choose when you are on vacation in Probolinggo with a Cruiser. We will help you to solve problems regarding your vacation to Mount Bromo and Probolinggo. For more details about Mount Bromo Tour from Probolinggo, please contact us via the number below to order a package.