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Wisatabromo.com. – If you want to be mo re satisfied traveling to Bromo park from Jogja. Choose the package for 2 days 1 night Bromo tour from Yogyakarta. The time is right for you to enjoy the popular tourist destinations in Mt. Bromo. Pick up directly at the location you want in Yogyakarta, such as hotels, stations and other points.

What’s the Point of Bromo Tour from Yogyakarta?

A trip to Bromo from Jogja offers many interesting things around the Mount Bromo tourist area. For mountain tourism lovers, this is the right place for you.

Tour to Mount Bromo from Jogja 2 Days 1 Night

Mount Bromo tourism is very suitable for those of you who are interested in climbing mountains, but don’t have any experience. The right height, easy access points with various transportation, and adequate lodging facilities. You can enjoy the world-famous mountain views.

What can you do while in Bromo and what things can you enjoy at this tourist spot?

  1. Witnessing the beauty of the sunrise from the mountainous area, this is what mountain climbers most desire.
  2. Enjoy the adventure of riding a jeep in the middle of the desert. Capture your activities on a professional camera as high-value content.
  3. Witness firsthand the beauty of the Bromo crater which you have often seen on the internet. Taking photos in this area is an unforgettable, valuable experience.
  4. Stop at other interesting places in East Java. Such as Ijen Waterfall and Crater with various popular and interesting tourist attractions.

Itinerary 2 Days Tour from Jogja


  • 08.00= Pick up at the hotel or location you requested by the tour provider in the morning. Then Go to Bromo by car or tour bus.
  • 13.00= Arrive in Probolinggo, then have lunch at a local restaurant.
  • 14.00= After lunch, you will continue your journey to Cemoro Lawang Village, the main entrance to the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park.
  • 15.00= Arrive at Cemoro Lawang and check-in at the accommodation that has been prepared.
  • 16.00= Take time to relax and enjoy the surrounding views.


  • 03.00= You will be woken up by the tour guide to enjoy the sunrise on Penanjakan Hill.
  • 06.30= After that, walk or ride a horse to Bromo Crater.
  • 07.30= Explore Bromo Crater and enjoy the spectacular views.
  • 08.20= After your visit to Bromo, return to your accommodation for breakfast and enjoy the atmosphere.
  • 10.00= Check-out from accommodation and start your journey back to Surabaya.
  • 11.00= Take a break and have lunch in Probolinggo or another location.
  • 14.30= Arrive back in Surabaya in the afternoon and the trip is complete.

Above is an example of a short itinerary for the 2 Days 1 Night Bromo Tour Package from Yogyakarta.

However, of course you have to plan this trip with a trusted tour provider and ensure that all travel and accommodation details are arranged properly.

Always pay attention to the weather and conditions in Bromo, because the weather can affect the tourist experience.

Cost of Bromo Tour from Yogyakarta 2 Days 1 Night

How much does a Bromo package from Yogyakarta cost?. The price range depends on the number of participants and how long you will take.

If you take a package from Yogya and choose to stop in Malang, this is actually a profitable way to travel because it is included in the 2 days 1 night Malang Jogja tour package. You can go to Malang and you can continue to Bromo.

The following is the price range for tour packages to Bromo from Yogya with a duration of 2 days 1 night:

2 PeopleIdr. 3.250.000,-/Per Pax
3 PeopleIdr. 2.250.000,-/Per Pax
4 PeopleIdr. 2.100.000,-/Per Pax
5 PeopleIdr. 1.950.000,-/Per Pax


The price range above may change at any time or depending on the destination and facilities you choose.

The Prices Above are Inclusive

  1. Transportation pick up start from Yogyakarta
  2. licensed Driver + Full Petrol + Air Conditioning
  3. Fee for highway + parking
  4. Fee for Jeep 4WD
  5. 1 night hotel at Bromo area (Standard room with breakfast, cool & hot shower )
  6. Ticketing to Bromo park
  7. Mineral water
  8. Driver meals

Reservation Package

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Travel is more memorable and you can visit tourist attractions comfortably without having to rush. Take now the 2 Days 1 Night Bromo Tour from Yogyakarta at wisatabromo.com and get a special price package.