Mount Bromo Tour Packages from Surabaya (BEST PRICE)

By | September 30, 2023 – Are you planning to visit Bromo volcano?, but still don’t know how to go and the cost of the trip to Bromo because it has been updated. Don’t worry. Here we provide information about how to go to Bromo Park, the best time for vacation, tourist destinations and the latest Mount Bromo tour packages from Surabaya best price with complete facilities.

Best Tour to Bromo Volcano from Surabaya

For tour services to Bromo, we are is one of the travel agent services that offers complete packages including transportation and accommodation. With complete equipment, you can easily travel to Bromo without having to arrange your own needs.

Mount Bromo Tour Packages Cheap Option

Private Jeep Tour Bromo

We provide excellent Tour Packages to Mount Bromo with travel reviews, and of course at low prices, more fun, always different, most memorable, and more than just plain. Vacationing to Brоmо can take 1 day, 2 days or even more, because there are many destinations around Brоmо that you can visit.

One of the attractions for tourists is the sunrise on the top of the climb, the active crater, the sea of sand and picnics in the savanna. And many other destinations that offer the best natural beauty on bromo mountain. This time we will provide information about the itinerary and the opportunity to go to Bromo for 1 day and 2 days 1 nights.

Bromo Tour Midnight & Sunrise 1 Day Trip

The first option is to visit bromo for one day. You don’t need to spend the night to take advantage of this package because the departure starts at 00.00 midnight from Surabaya and the trip ends around 12.00 at noon. Below is complete information about the program of the Bromo midnight tour for 1 day trip.

Itinerary Program

  • 00.00= Pick-up and meeting point in Surabaya
  • 00.10= Travel to the transit location with jеер bromo
  • 02.50= Tour of brоmо then go to Penanjakan by Jeep
  • 04.35= Then, to see the sunrise and view of mountain
  • 06.10= Visiting sea of sand and the active Crater
  • 08.00= After that, Back to the shuttle location jеер
  • 09.30= We will drop you off to Surabaya

Mount Bromo Tour Packages 2 Days 1 Night

The second option is the package Bromo 2 days 1 night. In this package you will be invited to spend the night before starting the activity to visit Bromo. You can choose your accommodation location here according to your wishes. Because there are various accommodation options in Bromo, from homes tays to five-star hotels.

Itinerary Program

First Day:

  • 12.00= Pick-up and meeting point in Surabaya
  • 12.10= Travel to Bromo park by 3 hours drive
  • 15.10= Arrival at Cemoro lawang villages, then check in and rest.

Second Day:

  • 02.44= Preparation to do bromo sunrise tour
  • 02.55= Going to Penanjakan by Jeep 4WD
  • 04.35= Then, to see the sunrise and view of mountain
  • 06.10= Visiting sea of sand and the active Crater
  • 08.00= After that, Back to the shuttle location jеер
  • 09.30= We will drop you off to Surabaya

The New Price Mount Bromo Tour Packages from Surabaya

2-PackIdr. 2.350.000,-Idr. 3.950.000,-
3-PackIdr. 2.950.000,-Idr. 4.950.000,-
4-PackIdr. 3.350.000,-Idr. 5.850.000,-
5-PackIdr. 3.550.000,-Idr. 5.700.000,-

Tour Facilities During Tour Bromo

  1. Best transport including BBM & Full AC.
  2. Parking car and toll
  3. English driver as guide
  4. Rental Jeep Hardtop Bromo
  5. Bromo sunrise tour
  6. 1 Night Hotel *3 / Homestay near Bromo
  7. Entrance Ticket Fee
  8. first aid.
  9. Mineral water is ready on the car

What Should To Bring?

  1. Warm clothes (Jackets, Winter T-shirts)
  2. Gloves, Mountain hat
  3. Trekking shoes
  4. Glasses, sun block
  5. Drone and DSLR Camera if any
  6. Enough money for meals and souvenir

Why should you go to Bromo?

Mount Bromo itself is actually a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS). In fact, it has become the most famous tourist destination as a destination for tourists visiting East Java Province. This National Park has a total area of 800 km which encloses the Mt Brоmо and Mount Semeru areas.

The Crater of Bromo

Bromo tourism throughout the year is always a popular destination for tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. Because this mountain also values the beauty of nature which is very enchanting. The beauty of the sunrise, the very wide sea of аr, the active crater of Bromo and the cool and fresh air.

This volcano is still active, the location is in the districts of East Java. Among other districts of Malang, Pаѕuruan, Lumajang and Probоlіnggо. This is what makes it easy for tourists to come visit.

What are the Tourist Destinations?

A trip to Bromo is incomplete without visiting popular tourist destinations in the area. In the Bromo National Park there are several interesting spots that you can visit using a Jeep that is available at Bromo mountain, including:

  1. Spot sunrise on Mt Pananjakan, Kedaluh hill, Seruni point and Love hill
  2. Sunset spot that you can see from Mentigen Hill
  3. The active crater of Bromo
  4. Savanna meadow and Teletubbies Hill
  5. Whispering sands and sea of sands
  6. Poten temple as a place of worship for the tengger tribe

How to get There Easily?

Access to the location of Bromo volcano you can take in various ways based on time and cost efficiency. You can use a private vehicle, train or plane from the city you are in. Then take the route to the city of Surabaya. Because these two cities are the easiest access to Bromo’s location.

The tour to Bromo from Surabaya can be taken for 3 hours using a car or motorbike. from both cities you take the route to Pasuruan, Tongas and head to the main entrance of Bromo National Park. However, so that your trip is more comfortable and safe, you can use our travel services at the

Bromo Park Entrance Ticket Price 2024

Local Tourists

  • Regular days will be charged a rate of Idr. 27,000 to Idr. 29.000,-/ Per Person
  • While holidays will be charged is between Idr. 32,500 to Idr. 34.000,-/ Per Person

Foreign Tourists

  • On a week day there is an entry rate of Idr. 217,500 to 220.000,-/Per Person
  • While on holidays, the entry price is Rp. 317,500 to Rp. 320.000,-/Per Person