Mount Bromo Malang Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

By | Januari 6, 2023 – The Mount Bromo Malang Tour package is a combo trip option designed for those who want a leisurely holiday with little walking. The destinations that will be visited by tourists are Bromo Mountain and Malang Batu, East Java. Both of places basically offer refreshing and relaxing travel experience as tourists visit natural amusement park during the tour. In short, it will make a perfect getaway for families or workers who would like to take a break from the exhausting weekday’s routine.

Tour to Mt Bromo and Batu Malang by 3 Days and 2 nights Trips

Mount Bromo Malang Tour

This vacation package will teach you about the most renowned volcanic mountain in East Java, as well as notable sights near Malang. The city of Malang, which is known for its cool weather, is very suitable for you to make a tourist destination in East Java. Many tourists from abroad come to the city of Malang just to enjoy the cool atmosphere coupled with the beautiful view of the mountain and the surrounding atmosphere. Vacation in this city is perfect with your couple, friend or family. So don’t miss out on your long vacation just for useless activities. visited

If you want to take this trip, you can start from Surabaya hotel or Airport in the morning with a flight arrival between 09.00–10.00 a.m. Then we will arrange your trip during 3 days & 2 nights on Mt. Bromo and Batu Malang city tours by a private trip. In the Mount Bromo Tour that we offer, there are several destinations that you will visit, including:

Tourist Destinations on Mt Bromo Batu Malang

  1. Coban Rondo Waterfalls Local gastronomy in City of Malang
  2. Transportation Museum
  3. Jatim park 3
  4. Paragliding attraction
  5. Sunrise view point on Penanjakan peak/Seruni point
  6. Bromo crater, Hinduism temple

Itinerary for Mount Bromo Malang Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

Surabaya to Hotel Nearby Bromo Volcano

  • Our staff will pick you up in Surabaya and transport you around 3,5 hours towards a hotel in the Cemoro Lawang area. Arrive at your hotel in the Cemoro Lawang area and then stay for one night.
  • If you have time after checking into your hotel, you can see Sunset from Mentigen Hill around 17.30–17.30 PM.

Sunrise, the Crater, to a hotel nearby Malang

  • A Bromo Sunrise tour begins at 02.30 AM when our associate can pick you up from your accommodation in a personal 4WD Jeep. Then drive you about half an hour to the Pananjakan Peak (maximum peak having an elevation of 2,770 meters).
  • Approach Pananjakan, then wait for dawn, which usually occurs at 05.20 AM. Admire the sunrise panoramas as well as other sights. Including Mount Batok, Kursi, Widodaren, the enormous Sea of Sand, and including Java Island’s tallest volcano, Semeru.
  • 06:30 AM: Return to the Jeep and proceed towards the crater. It will take approximately 20 minutes until you reach the summit.
  • After you feel satisfied, then get into the Jeep and drive to the hotel.
  • Check out at 11.00 AM, then spend 3 hours seeing hotels in Batu City before staying one night.

City Tout Malang – Drop in Surabaya Airport

  • 06.00 AM, get up, eat breakfast, then relax for a little before beginning your excursion to Coban Rondo Waterfall.
  • After savoring the splendor of a waterfall, start your journey of approximately 40 minutes towards an Apple plantation.
  • Proceed to the Transportation Museum, which is also situated in Batu Town. Once there, you will observe a variety of motor engines, including antique motorcycles and vehicles.
  • Complete a Malang tour, and then return to your hotel or the Surabaya airport and end the trip.

Price of Mount Bromo Malang Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

2 PERSONSIDR. 3.250.000,- /Pax
3 PERSONSIDR. 2.750.000,- /Pax
4 PERSONSIDR. 2.350.000,- /Pax
5 PERSONSIDR. 2.250.000,- /Pax

Facilities During 3D2N Trips

  1. The English-speaking local driver.
  2. Personal air-conditioning vehicles from Surabaya (Beginning to end).
  3. Transportation, gasoline and also parking fees throughout the way.
  4. Mineral water for the journey
  5. Admission prices for all tourism packages are based on the itinerary.
  6. 2 nights’ lodging in the vicinity of Mt. Bromo plus Malang
  7. Exclusive Jeep 4 WD
  8. Bromo sunrise tour including crater of Bromo
  9. Emergency supplies and medications
  10. Driver meals

Excludes Facilities

  1. Dinner and lunch meals
  2. Bromo Mountain Horseback Riding
  3. Whispering Sand, Madakaripura Waterfall, and Savannah

Detail Contact

So, that is it. If you want more detailed information or to book the Mount Bromo Malang Tour 3 Days and 2 Nights. Then, you can get in touch the contact person or just browse our website.